Spring 2017 day 1

Today is officially Spring!  So many reasons to celebrate.  While winter is long and at times can be dreadful, it makes the moment spring arrives that much more enchanting.  Thank u for coming, it has been so long!!!!!  (my favorite season)


Merkette So Stately

There is something so beautiful about subtle art, with texture and lines that appear out of nowhere when you stand and gaze up close.  But there is also something so appealing when you walk into a room, and you are awe struck.  The Merkette duo, you make a bold statement worth creating over and over.....

'Lin Study 2'

Two philosophies I live by-  'Some things are just meant to be' and..... 'Timeless design never tires'..........

Finding Magic

I recently read a letter from a man to a man asking for his advice on the purpose of life.  I guess this is something we all ponder on a very frequent basis.  What an interesting read,  especially when the truth be told that he was simply looking for the answer to life,  but truly that would be like having the blind lead the blind.  It made me realize just how important it is to find the magic in all the little things because that is all we really can do.  An avid beauty seeker myself, and desire for eternally being smitten on all levels, it creates an unrealistic expectation.  Today I have made a note to self to seek the magic in the smallest details and something magical just might make you eternally smitten. Humans need beauty.


I once lived on a street named Revelle in a high rise that overlooked dips and valleys of amazing green trees and the silhouettes of the city. I remember the color of blush in it's truest form.

    30x40 framed in White Oak.